How Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation Designs Archives in the 21st Century

Archive of Shaikh Abdul Amir Mansour Al Jamri (1937 – 2006), a Bahraini scholar, and one of the most prominent religious figures who lead the movements demanding the return of Parliamentary life in the 1990s in Bahrain.

The paper documents of his office were digitized to be preserved in accordance with the required archival specifications. The heritage of Shaikh Al Jamri is now professionally digitized and archived according to professional specifications that allow any researcher to call any information easily.

Preserving Oral Memory:

A series of the autobiographies of Quran instructors from different areas in Bahrain.

Two books of this series have been published so far, entitled “Alef La Sheilah” and “Om Al Sada”. More publications in this series will be published as well.

Electronic Archiving:

The Documentation Department monitors on a daily basis all publications and press in Bahrain and websites. After the documents are saved, they undergo descriptive and subjective indexing, through a special archiving program. The Awal Search Engine, which has been launched, is an information retrieval system that houses documents related to Bahrain in a private server. Part of these documents have been made available for interested persons to access online.

Video showing the instructions for using  Awal Search Engine.

Archivo Magazine:

It is a periodic magazine issued by Awal Centre. It contains articles concerned with archives and memory. Some of the headlines in this magazine are “Trustees of  the Memory”, “Diwan of the Memory” and “Memory of a Photo”.

Following the publication of 12 issues comprising more than 150 articles, individuals interested in archival matters can have access to these articles online through the Archivo Blog. The most important characteristic of this magazine is that it is published in Arabic, which is uncommon.

By Marwa Kazem, Documentation and Archives Department Manager, Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation