In 2009 FIDA, Fund for the International Development of Archives was established. Its objective is to assist colleagues in those countries who, for whatever reason, cannot support the development of their archives and who need assistance.

Since 2010 FIDA has attracted 129 applications, of which it has been able to support 35 projects directly, requested from Africa, South America, West Indies, South East Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific region, besides advising others to seek funding from more appropriate sources. The successful projects ranged from training in various basic archival skills, such as records management, appraisal and preservation, including audio-visual records and digital born records, to more ambitious projects, such as setting up and organizing a new archive where we have contributed a consulting award to obtain advice on the planning.

In 2018 FIDA funded the creation of literary, artistic and cinematic collections in the National Archives of Cameroon, the organization and accessibility of the Memoria Abierta Photo Archives, Guatemala and the training to the unqualified archivists of the Burundi public services.

The Trustees’ experience from their work over the last nine years shows both the need for this type of assistance and the value of the support to the recipients.

A small budget for FIDA is yearly provided by the International Council of Archives. But if FIDA really wants to make a difference, more money is needed. Last year FIDA unfortunately had to say no to several projects, because of a lack of budget. Therefore we ask archival institutions and archivists and records managers to make a donation to FIDA. Also small amounts are very welcome, with a little money archivists can do a lot.

We count on your support!

Here you will find information on projects FIDA funded in the past.

By Fred van Kan, Chair of the FIDA Board of Trustees